/// Support and Help

Members Support and Download Area

For help and support please view the comprehensive help docs which are located in the members area. Please consult your purchase information email for your access details.

Support/Download Area

Members Support Section Access

Full help and support, downloads, updates, plugins and User Guides are available in the members download and support area. For access, check your Purchase Information Email which contains your login and access details. Email or phone support will only be given if you have your domain name and account username, so if contacting us, please have these ready.

Full In-Depth help and support documents are available in your members download area. The support section here is a quick overview of the most common questions and requirements.

/// Installing PropertyMax Pro

To install PropertyMax Pro, first you need to make sure you have downloaded the full zip file from your Members Download Area

Unzip/Pack all the files to a folder and then locate the inc-config.php file, which is located in the pmx-includes/ folder. This file stores all the database connection and table names.

Insert your database host name, database name, database username and database password into the relevant places. This information should be supplied to you by your web host or you will know this information if you created the database yourself via your web hosting control panel

Upload all the files to your web server and then visit the Install section (full details available in your Members Area), then run the PropertyMax installer, which will install all the relevant database tables required to run PropertyMax Pro. Upon success, you will be presented with a login username/password. You have now successfully installed Propertymax Pro.

Full detailed step by step instructions on installing PropertyMax Pro can be found in the Members Download Area.

/// How to Integrate PropertyMax Pro into your website

Adding propertyMax Pro to an existing website is a breeze, all you have to do is to login to your PropertyMax Section via your web browser and go to the Integration section on the top menu.

You will see all the available plugins, which can be added to your website.

Create your template page, in your own website design layout and call it say, property.php. In the configuration section make sure this page name is in the template page name field. This will let PropertyMax Pro that the page is the page which is used as your template.

Simply copy and paste the lines of code into your .php page where you would like them to appear. It really is that easy!

The search boxes, Locations, Search boxes, can be added to any page in your website as long as these pages end with the extension .php

Changing languages and currencies, please consult the help docs in your members area.

Full detailed step by step instructions on integrating PropertyMax Pro can be found in the Members Download Area.

/// How to get the best out of PropertyMax Pro

To understand all the features that are available with PropertyMax Pro, you need to make sure you have read all the help and download guides, especially the Admin User Guide as understanding these will improve your knowledge of how it works and how to make sure it is installed and functioning correctly.

Don't forget, if you're unsure about anything, please drop us a quick email and we will do our best to help.
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