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Utilising a Property Listing script takes a lot of consideration to find the one which is right for your business. By choosing PropertyMax Pro, you can be sure that our software will integrate seamlessly in to your existing website so you do not need to have any expensive server software installed.

And what's more, PropertyMax Pro is completely customisable to make it look like it was designed specifically for your website. You will not find many of these features in any other property management scripts and remember PropertyMax Pro can handle rentals as well as property sales! Please read on to see the full features which are available in PropertyMax Pro

How many other Property PHP Scripts and Property Listing Software has as many features as this for the low price?

manage property sales onlineManage Property Sales Online
manage property rentals and lettings onlineManage Property Rentals Online
unlimited property listingsUnlimited Number of Property Listings
unlimted property areaWorks with any Country / Location / Areas
unlimited property locationsUnlimited Property Locations
unlimited property typesUnlimited Property Types
unlimited property branchesUnlimited Number of Property Branches
unlimited property login usersUnlimited Number of Login Users
property search enginePowerful Property Search Engine
property script language pack supportFull Language Pack Support
property listing script currency supportFull Worldwide Currency Support
web based property managementWeb-based Property Management
improved property adminImproved Property Admin Area
protected admin areaPassword Protected Property Admin Area
property maps integrationMaps Integration
virtual tour property linkVirtual Tour Link
property pdf uploadsPDF Document Uploads
property photograph uploadsSimple Photograph Upload Function
html enabled property listingsHTML Enabled Property Listings
print property factsheetPrint Property Factsheets
easy website integrationEasy Website Integration
display featured properties php scriptFeatured Property Display Listings
mobile property websiteFull Mobile Enabled Website
mobile enabled for ipad iphone android tabletsIpad, Iphone, Android, Windows Device Compatible
developed in php css mysqlDeveloped in PHP, MySQL and CSS
php editable source filesPHP Editable Source Files
social media integrationFacebook, Twitter RSS Feed Syndication
custom property layout templatesCustomisable Layout Templates
static property linksProperty Links to Bypass Search
property management reportsFull Property Management Report Overview
export property listings csv sql Export Property Listings CSV & SQL
database backup phpDatabase Backup and Download Facility
members property support centreMembers Support and Help Section

Easy Installation Walkthrough

php script installation PropertyMax Pro prides itself on being able to install with the minimum of fuss. Create your database, edit the config file and then just one click and PropertyMax Pro will be installed on your server. Full on screen instruction to assist you to an easy install.

Property Sales and Rentals

property sales and rentals manager Manage both your sale and rental properties from the one interface. A feature unique to PropertyMax Pro is that you can 'turn off' either the rental side or the sales side. So you can have the following combination of search options on your website: Property Sales Listings or Property Rental Listings or Property Sales and Rental Listings. You can instantly switch the options for rental and search and the front end search box will automatically be updated with the correct search options.

Unlimited Property Listings

property listings php script Unlike other property listing software, we do not limit you to how many properties you can list. Some of our users of PropertyMax Pro have informed us that even with in excess of 10,000 properties, PropertyMax Pro stands the test. So do not be put off by the low price of our php property script, it is built to handle even the largest of Real Estate Agents.

Language & Currency Support

php property script language support Use PropertyMax Pro in your choice of language. By default PropertyMax Pro comes with the English language pack installed, but to change, either download one of the supported language pack files or create your own.

Property Listing Photographs

php property script photo uploads This is one of the most important parts of your property listings - the photographs. You have full control over your listing photographs and in the admin section; you have full control over editing/adding or deleting photographs for your properties and the sizes they are uploaded at. The photographs which are uploaded for the property are presented in a easy to view format with thumbnails.

Property Location Management

property management php script PropertyMax Pro has been designed to work in any Country, any State or County and comes with a unique location manager where you can add/edit or delete your own locations. This is particularly useful for overseas property sales as well as local property sales. Just think - you have the power to list any properties in any location! - How many other property management software can offer you this? PropertyMax Pro is completely customisable to your location where ever you are located.

Property Type Management

php property website Create categories for your properties to make your website easier than your competitors to find properties. Via the admin section you have the option to add/edit/delete any number of property types to place your property listing sin. For instance you can have; Detached, Terraced, Bungalows, Town House, Maisonettes, Apartments etc - Other property scripts make it hard for the buyer to find properties, not PropertyMax Pro!.

Featured Property Listings

real estate property script Display featured property anywhere on your website. This new option allows you to mark a property as being a featured property, thus listing the property anywhere where you add the plugin code on your website. You can have an unlimited number of properties marked as featured.

Property Features and Options

property features for real estate script Due to the popular request for this option, we have implemented this to be one of the main new features. You can now add an unlimited number of features to be assigned to any property. For instance, you can have swimming pool, garage, gardens, near school, close to shops or any other feature you can think of!

Maps Post and Zip Codes

zip and post code property search script This is now a must for any person looking for a property to be able to see, The way we have added this to Propertymax Pro is that you can use any of the online map websites, such as Google Maps, Street Map, Multi Map and link direct to there maps via the property postcode.

Virtual Tour

property virtual tour Do you offer virtual tours of the properties you have listed or do you want to? This is now part of PropertyMax Pro, simply add the link to the virtual property tour.

Enhanced Property Listing Information

html property php script display Enhance your property listings with HTML and take them fully presentable in your own websites style and colour. You have full control over how your visitors see your property listings.

Seamless Integration into existing website

php script integration We are not kidding when we say that PropertyMax Pro is one of the easiest property listing solutions that you can use. All it takes is adding one line of PHP code to your existing website and you have a complete property listing manager right on your own website!. It takes just a few minutes to integrate into your existing design - seamlessly.

After Sales Support Service
Don't forget about our excellent after sales support service for our customers and clients. Technical support is available free to all those who have purchased a licence.

PropertyMax Pro has many features will enhance your website and the admin section is so easy to use, its no wonder PropertyMax Pro has been called 'The simplest Property Management Software Available'.

/// PropertyMax Pro - Property Management PHP Software - The ideal solution for Real Estate Sales and Rentals on your website

Online Property Demo

Try the Demo

To see the full potential of PropertyMax Pro, please take a look around our live demonstration. This will give you the opportunity to see for yourself the powerful solution which is available for your property management solution and listing your properties on your website.

PHP Property Script

Fully Featured

Utilising a Property Listing script takes a lot of consideration to find the one which is right for your business. By choosing PropertyMax Pro, you can be sure that our software will integrate seamlessly in to your existing website so you do not need to have any expensive server software installed.

Mobile Property Script

Mobile Supported

Now comes with a fully featured mobile enabled front end. You won't find this feature on any other estate agent website design at this price. We pride ourselves to being at the forefront of implementing the latest features to make renting or selling a property on a website a breeze.

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