/// Common FAQ's about propertyMax Pro

Choosing the right property listing management script for your website can be quite frustrating with all the choice available. Take the time to read through the following common questions we have been asked and we are sure, once you have read through them, and our website and tried the property demo, we are sure that Propertymax Pro is the right choice for your property listing requirements.

What is PropertyMax Pro?

PropertyMax Pro is a PHP and MySQL script which you install on your own web server to allow you to sell or rent properties. Ideal for all real estate agents or website designer who are creating property websites.

What are the benefits of using PropertyMax Pro?

PropertyMax Pro will allow you to list properties which you have for sale and / or rent on your website with full admin management via web-based control panel with secure password protected login. If you operate multiple branches and staff members, extra logins can be created for each. PropertyMax Pro is completely customisable and will integrate seamlessly into your existing website. Expert Installation is available as is full customisation and any upgrades or extra features that you may require.

What are the minimum requirements to run PropertyMax Pro?

PropertyMax Pro will run seamlessly on any server or web host which is Unix / Linux based and supports PHP5 (or higher with GD) MySQL (3.23 or higher). These are very much supplied as standard with the majority of web hosting companies.

Can PropertyMax Pro handle Property sales and property lettings/rentals?

Yes, It can handle both sales and rentals from the one admin interface. You have the option to enable/disables the sales or rentals at anytime via the property admin configuration settings section. So you can have just property sales, just property rentals or property sales and property rentals.

How many Properties can PropertyMax Pro manage?

PropertyMax Pro can handle an unlimited number of properties, locations and property types but this ultimately depends on your web host or server if they can handle thousands of properties and photographs.

How many photographs per property are permitted?

Currently you are permitted to have a maximum of 10 photographs per property, however if you require more, please get in touch and we can produce a custom version exclusively for your requirements.

PropertyMax Pro does not quite suit my needs as I need a few extra options and features, can you help?

We most certainly can, we are always on the lookout for ways to improve our software and make PropertyMax Pro one of the market leaders in its area, so please contact us with the feature requests and we will do our best to implement them in the next release, Or if you have some requirements which you would like to have implement only on your website, please contact us with details and we will happily provide you with a design quote. More details of upgrades and customisations can be found in our Upgrades and Customisations section.

Can PropertyMax Pro be installed on multiple domains?

No, PropertyMax Pro is purchased for one domain only, which was stipulated when purchased. However for testing/website development purposes, PropertyMax Pro can be installed on Localhost any number of times.

Do you offer an Installation Service?

Yes, of course, we offer two levels of installation, one for installing the software on your server with no customisation and another service with full template customisation to your existing website design. Details of both these option plans can be found on the Pricing and Purchasing page.

Can I get a refund after purchasing PropertyMax Pro?

No, this is due to the product being a downloadable. No refunds will be given after purchase has been made.

I am a website designer, is their discounts available if I purchase multiple copies for my clients websites?

Yes, many website designers and website design companies use our software to create their own clients websites. We offer a generous discount after the first purchase for designers who purchase multiple copies of PropertyMax Pro

How do I download PropertyMax Pro?

After purchase, you will be supplied with a username/password which will allow access to our Download and Support centre, which will allow you to download PropertyMax pro and any plugins, colour packs, language packs etc.. which we have available.

Getting Help and Support

If you need any help or assistance please contact us with the problem you are having and the domain name url of the installed script. The domain name must match the one listed it was purchased for.

Full installation, Integration and Assistance FAQ’s can be found in the download members section, along with full documentation on how to get the most from using PropertyMax Pro.

If you can not find the answer to any questions you have, please get in touch, we'd be happy to help!
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